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  1. questionWhat is S/PDIF?
    When using the “Digital Out” you will need a S/PDIF connection cable it looks like an R.C.A cable with only one side but it’s actually a digital audio cable. The turntable will send a 44.1k 16 bit signal to your recording device, mixer, or receiver.
  2. questionHow do I use the Digital Output?
    Select “Line” as your output type. Connect one end of the S/PDIF cable to the turntable’s “Digital Out” and the other end to your input device.
  3. questionWhere is the Belt for my Turntable?
    On the belt driven model turntables, the belt is not pre mounted. It can be located under the turntable’s platter. The platter will need to be turned upside down in order to access the belt.
  4. questionWhy do I hear a hum when using my Turntables?
    Stanton offers (2) types of turntables, those that have an internal ground switch like the (Stanton T.120), and those that have a ground wire like the (Stanton Str8-100). If you are hearing a hum while playing your turntable, make sure that you have the ground lift engaged which can be found ...
  5. questionWhich output do I choose Phono or Line?
    The Line/ Phono switch can be found on back of the turntable or under the platter depending upon the model of turntable. (Not all turntables offer a Line out put) If you are using the Phono In on your receiver, mixer, or recording device, then you should use the R.C.A cables and set your turn ...