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Boot Camp Boot Camp is an application released by Apple that allows users to run Microsoft Windows XP on Apple's recent and future line of Intel based laptops and workstations.
RIAA RIAA stands for "Recording Industry Association of America" and is modernly known for its diligent monitoring of online media sharing. In the DJ world RIAA is sometimes referenced in phono preamp designs as the RIAA standardized how records are equalized when pressed in production. When a record is manufactured, the pressing plant will apply an equalization curve to the signal to optimize the sound so more grooves can fit on the vinyl surface. When the record is played back through an RIAA-compensated preamp (such as a phono preamp) the equalization curve will be inverted to restore the sound back to its original flat frequency response.
Rumble Rumble refers to the noise generated in the mechanical pickup system used in a turntable type playback device. The record needle is a highly tuned and sensitive pickup that can detect small movements on the scale of micro-meters. While this system is highly optimized for detecting the small movements in a record groove, it is also just as susceptible to outside interference from the surface that the turntable is placed on. When a turntable is placed on a surface that is exposed to outside mechanical vibrations, such as a table close to a dance floor with a bunch of people dancing on it, it will interpret these signals along with the modulations pressed on the vinyl record. Rumble can interfere with Final Scratch's ability to decode the timecode signal properly because the signals of the timecode and rumble will be mixed together. Rumble frequencies exist in the low frequency sound spectrum (like a thumping kick drum) which are normally far enough apart from Final Scratch's signal which resides in the high frequency domain. However, when the record is rotating at a very slow speed the timecode signal will enter the low frequency domain and start to blend in more with the rumble noise. When the record is stopped the Scratchamp will only hear the rumble noise and might mistake it as really slow moving timecode.
ScratchAmp2 The Scratchamp is the audio interface that Final Scratch uses to read the timecode signal off of the record. The ScratchAmp2 utilizes the latest audio card technology in the music industry. The Scratchamp2 runs at multiple sampling frequencies up to 96,000 Hz, at 24 bits, which ensures the greatest sound quality possible.
Timecode Timecode is the control signal that Final Scratch reads off of the vinyl record. The vinyl record is pressed (recorded) with a special digital signal which uses a series of pulses to determine which direction, speed and speed the record is rotating and which position the needle is placed at.
Universal Binary A Universal Binary application means an application that runs on both PowerPC and Intel based Macs. Universal Binary was introduced by apple as a means to transition software from PowerPC based computers to Intel based computers.