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Installing SCS3 DaRouter in Windows XP

DaRouter is Stanton's powerful MIDI translation software.  It allows you to use presets to configure your Stanton controller for use with a number of applications.  It also allows us to give our controllers features that would not normally be available (like MIDI feedback in applications that don't directly support it).

DaRouter always has the latest presets included (at the time of release) so these will install automatically as well. DaRouter will install the application and presets, as well as a “Virtual MIDI Driver” which allows DaRouter to communicate with the application it is controlling.

The first step is to download the DaRouter software.  It's likely that you received an email with a link to download DaRouter.  You can also go to the respective product page and follow the DOWNLOAD link on the right side navigation.  To find your product page, start at and click on the controller you own.

Once you've downloaded the installer, double click to run it.  If prompted with a warning dialog, press the "Run" button to proceed. 

Click "Next" to get past the Welcome window.

Read and accept the license agreement, then press "Next"

The next dialog will ask you to set an installation path.  We recommend you use the default path.  Then click "Next".

The next dialog will ask you what program icons you would like installed.  It's a good idea to at least create the Start Menu shortcut, since DaRouter is an application you'll be running often.  There is also an option in this window to remove the virtual MIDI driver.  If you are having problems with the virtual drivers, or if prompted by a support technician, you can use this option to completely uninstall the virtual drivers and reinstall them.  Click "Next" to continue, and the DaRouter application will install.

After the application is installed, you'll be prompted to install 2 virtual MIDI ports.  The "Found New Hardware Wizard" will pop up.  On the first dialog, if it asks you to connect to Windows Update, answer "No, not at this time", then click "Next".

On the next page select “Install the software automatically (Recommended)”.  Click "Next".

At this point, the driver files will be copied over.  Once done, click the "Finished" button.  Wait a few seconds and the whole process will start over for the second virtual MIDI driver.  Once done. you'll be notified that your hardware is installed correctly.

At this point, DaRouter should be properly installed on your computer.  If there was a problem with any step of the driver installation, please refer to this KB article for possible causes.

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