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Installing SCS3 DaRouter in OSX

DaRouter is Stanton's powerful MIDI translation software.  It allows you to use presets to configure your Stanton controller for use with a number of applications.  It also allows us to give our controllers features that would not normally be available (like MIDI feedback in applications that don't directly support it).

The first step is to download the DaRouter software.  It's likely that you received an email with a link to download DaRouter.  You can also go to the respective product page and follow the DOWNLOAD link on the right side navigation.  To find your product page, start at and click on the controller you own.

After the .DMG file is done downloading double click it to expand it.  Once the package is done expanding, double click the DaRouter.pkg file in the folder to start the installer.

Once the installer has started, click “Continue” on the first screen.  Read the license agreement and click “Continue”. You will presented with a dialog asking if you agree to the terms of the license, if you do than click “Agree”.  If a window opens asking you to put in your admin password, please do so, then continue.

Next you can set the default path of the program.  Click “Install” unless you want to install DaRouter to a specific destination.  We recommend you use the default path.

DaRouter installation will proceed.  Once it's finished, a window will open that our installation was successful.  At this point, press "Close".  DaRouter is now installed on your computer.

DaRouter will be in your "Applications" folder now.  You might want to drag a shortcut for it to your dock for easier access.

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