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What is the Rumble Threshold?

Rumble is roughly defined as low frequency noise caused by vibration of your turntable. Because noise like rumble can interfere with Final Scratch’s ability to read the timecode accurately, it’s important that we address it. This is why it’s included in the calibration process. It’s also important to note that your rumble settings change from venue to venue, so you need to set your Rumble Threshold every time you perform in a different place.

To properly set your Rumble Threshold, the first thing you need to do is to have a song playing at your venue’s full volume.  If you are in a home studio, this means turning up the speakers to as loud as you would ever have them while DJing.  In a mobile DJ rig or club environment, you need to make sure to have both your PA and your booth monitors up to a good listening level.  It’s much better to over estimate and have the volume too loud than to be too quiet.

Now, put a record on a turntable but do not spin the platter – it needs to remain stationary to set rumble.  Put the needle on the record and look at the Timecode meter for that turntable.  You should see a random looking white pattern that moves to the beat of the music.  This is rumble.  Now, move the Rumble Threshold fader (directly below the meters) until the red circle in the meters completely circles the pattern created by the rumble.  You have now properly set rumble and can continue with your timecode calibration.

If the pattern is too big and requires you to move the Rumble Threshold slider all the way to the right, you need to try and lower the amount of vibration reaching your turntables.  In a home studio, this means moving speakers away from the surface your turntables are on.  In a club, this is more difficult.  Many clubs fail to properly isolate vibration for their turntables, resulting in low frequency feedback and excessive rumble.  There are commercial products like the FreeFloat turntable stabilizer that can help address poor turntable isolation.  Some DJs have also had good success using 4 tennis balls cut in half, with a half placed underneath each “foot” of the 2 turntables.

Also, if you are one of many DJs spinning in a venue and can not set your Rumble Threshold before you spin your set, you can always set it in the middle to start, then set it using the above method while playing the first song in your set (of course, using the unoccupied turntable).  You can also use internal mode to temporarily free up a deck to set rumble.

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