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How can I optimize my system for Firewire connectivity?

To use the SCS.1 controllers, you will need a Firewire port of some kind on your computer. Most Apple computers come with 6 pin ports built in. In the PC world, most notebooks have the 4 pin Firewire connectors instead. Using these will require you to have a 4 to 6 pin Firewire cable.  There is also Firewire 800 ports, which are square (common on newer Apple computers).  If your computer is equipped with this type of port, you can use an 800 to 400 adapter or cable to connect the SCS.1 controller.

Stanton recommends Firewire cards with a Texas Instruments (TI) chipset for best performance. An example of a quality Firewire card that works well with the SCS.1 controller is the Adaptec FireConnect 4300 (this is a PCI card suitable for installation in a desktop computer). If you have a laptop computer, you’ll need either a PCMCIA or ExpressCard depending on your computer (most modern computers now have an ExpressCard slot).  PCMCIA and ExpressCards by the manufacturer SIIG commonly use TI chipsets as well.  Most aftermarket card manufacturers are likely to change the Firewire chipset they use based on things like cost, so be sure to check the packaging before you buy, or make sure the retailer you purchase from has a liberal return policy.

If you find that your computer is dropping the SCS.1 controller completely and you're running XP, try the 1394 rollback outlined in this Knowledge Base. If that fails to fix the problem, check and see if your Firewire chipset is made by Texas Instruments. If it isn’t, you might consider purchasing a TI based card and seeing if that solves your problem.  You can see what Firewire chipset is on your computer by looking in the Device Manager (Windows), or System Profiler in OSX.

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  1. Comment #1 (Posted by Leonor )
    Actually, 1 FW800 is enough, beasuce all external FW800 Drives come with both a FW800 and FW400 port, and also a cable that converts from FW800 to FW400, So it's all the same. The only difference is that the conversion from 400 to 800 takes place in your external hard-disk, in stead of your mac. Firewire overall does not loose speed even with 10 hard-drives connected to it, so this makes sense.Apple is always ready for the future, beasuce they know if one buys a macbook pro, they will at least use it for more then 5 years.( It's not like PC users that have to upgrade their machine every year, and most of all give the user a lot more work, with virus scanners, trashy windows system, that was never ready for the market!)In the future all external drives available are FW800 with SATA drive inside. This makes sense. And then probably replacing the FW400 external housing with FW800 does not cost you loads of money, compared the the huge amount of speed that you gain.There is even FW800 External boxes that are able to use both IDE or SATA drives, at least here in Bangkok, so that means all over the world.I am thinking of buying one, and the longer I think there will be a new macbook pro available again, and they don't get worse. It's the users that get worse and demand more and more every day. It's an ego driven world Have Fun

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